The Melbournian Coffee, Augmented reality Edition

Studio Blackthorns

Lyon, France

Agency: Studio Blackthorns
Creative Director: Ludovic Mornand
Location: France
Project Type: 366 Cans Challenge
Client: The Melbournian
Packaging Contents: Cold brew coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium can
Printing Process: Digital printing

The Lyon & Melbourne based agency has created a conceptual can for an Australian coffee brand, using a black and white video of Melbourne CBD from sunset to sunrise. As everybody knows, Australians love coffee especially in Melbourne, Victoria. The brand is called “The Melbournian” and the cold brew is a double shot espresso “for the early birds”. The idea was to trigger an augmented reality animation showing a time-lapse video of Melbourne skyline at daybreak, by making reference to the morning routine of a Melbournian city-dweller.

Videos are great for storytelling and we wanted to create something unique so that each Melbournian can see their own life through the can. We then rendered a series of 3D visualisations in which the packaging literally comes to life on can.

This project is a part of Studio Blackthorns’ #366CansChallenge for 2020.

What’s Unique?
French creative design agency Studio Blackthorns is experimenting on augmented reality cans. The technology enables users to view animated can designs in real-time using a mobile application. We are really excited about turning this concept into reality that’s why we keep on working to make the cans move using AR, providing an immerse animated experience through the use of consumer’s mobile device.

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