BLISS Detergents

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Designers: Abhay Kolhe and Shubhra Tiwari
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Liquid detergents, soap, washing machine pods, dishwasher tablets, cleaning agents, Detergents
Packaging Substrate / Materials: HDPE, LDPE, Corrugated sheet
Printing Process: Pad Printing , Digital Printing

The products made by Bliss (a hypothetical brand) claim to stand out for providing gentle care to all household products as a striking feature. In order to add value to the packaging, we worked upon handling and thereby have created an ergonomic packaging which also enhances its aesthetics.

The curvy language of the packaging gives it a simplistic look making it easy for the consumers to handle it. The key feature of curvy language can be seen flowing through the entire range of products created by us, in order to make it a brand language.

The pear like shape of the detergent bottle defines the form in the best possible way making it easier to handle, with the bulkier part at the bottom supporting the hand holding sleeker part at the top.

The graphics used for the packaging has minimal illustrations of objects associated with the purpose. The illustrations are made 2D to make it easily understandable for the user. The colors used are solid pastel colors to portray softness and clean look. The USPs of the product are highlighted graphically on the packaging. The graphics also compliments the product inside. Similar curves and elements are used throughout the range to claim the brand identity.

What’s Unique?
To give an overwhelming experience to the consumers, we have used unique structures and opening mechanisms which not only makes it catchy but also makes it easier for handling. The packaging also stands out as it can be repurposed.