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Derrick Lin


Design: Little Buddha Agency
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Honesly
Product Launch Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Snack bar

The challenge:
Create a brand, establish its naming, branding and suitable graphic codes that communicate naturalness and honesty.

The result:
Honesly is a new modern and fun brand which stands out on the shelves. Its branding needs to communicate their concept of natural products in a way that is simple and honest.

Brand naming that communicates the brand’s promise and main objective: creating healthy, honest, and transparent products.

Branding that uses a faded, stamp style font to communicate the artisan aspect of the brand on a craft paper-looking texture that communicates the brand’s naturalness. We created a distinct brandblock that helps consumers quickly identify the brand and its products on the shelves.

Orienting the brand vertically on its packaging will make it easier for consumers to notice and identify the brand. This is important as the brand is still relatively new.

A fun block with a brightly coloured, polka dot background that varies depending on the product. The design brings an element of dynamicity with it.

Visuals of the main ingredients of the product displayed as fine, minimalist illustrations on the packaging, reinforcing the simplicity and honesty of the product.

Very clean packaging, with carefully selected and concise messages which highlight the and the brand’s transparency.

The design has personality and must be flexible. This will make it easier to replicate the design when expanding into other products in the range and for any new products in the future.