Agency: evoq communications AG
CEO Trivarga: Arturo Sutter
Marketing & Brand Coordinator Trivarga: Shelly Rosenblum
Head of mandate evoq: Adrian Schaffner
Creative Director/Concept evoq: Sara Streule
Design: Amanda Fuchs
Design: Marta Frieden
Location: Switzerland
Project Type: Produced
Client: Trivarga AG
Product Launch Location: Switzerland
Packaging Contents: Soft Drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

evoq created a brand identity with a unique, opulent packaging design for the new beverage

“Love is shared egoism”. “Size is opulence”. Such absurd yet intelligent quotes sit at the heart of Moonspring: a new, refreshing drink for adults from Trivarga, that consciously breaks new ground and creates a world of its own. Only the best ingredients are used for exceptional blends full of joie de vivre. Together with Trivarga, the Swiss brand and communication agency evoq developed the brand identity for the new range of beverages, including packaging design.

The foundation for the Moonspring brand universe was co-developed with the client in several workshops. The aim was to create something very unique, a world that challenges the intellect of its customers: deliberately controversial, absurd and yet true to its roots. A cosmos made of experiences and emotions that confidently reinvents itself over and over again.

A kaleidoscope of reality
With its own linguistic style – a subtly distanced humour, always different but never predictable – the customers experience Moonspring in every word. Midnightrebel, Cloudbuster, Sunsmuggler, Heartbreaker and Daydreamer, the product names for the five flavours, are inspiring terms that let us immerse in the Moonspring universe and stand for the iconic snapshots of the beverage’s attitude towards life.

Each bottle the hero of its own world
evoq’s opulent and multi-layered design tells for each of the five flavours an individual story. Dragons, deep-sea creatures, rings, bees, cherries, rabbits, butterflies; all of them in wild harmony revealing something new every time you look at it.