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Designer: Moaaz Galal
Art director: Farouk Mousa
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Box carton
Printing Process: Digital

X Gate is a website specializing in Online shopping established in 2020, and it offers thousands of different products that vary among many categories, between “fashion, accessories, electronics, electrical and home appliances” and other products.

We provide a safe, fast and comfortable shopping and use experience with multiple payment methods, whether online or in cash upon receipt of the desired product Our goal is not to make the customer only satisfied but to make them have the smoothest online shopping experience. The packaging is specially designed for the store The drawing is inspired by the logo And we were trying to make him special and cute We hope you like it

What’s Unique?
When we were young, we feeling happy when we played with a matchstick. From here we got our inspiration from the shape of our matchbox. And we used good types for printing so that the box is wonderful