Hornimans Cold Infusion

Derrick Lin


Design: Little Buddha Agency
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Hornimans
Product Launch Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Tea

Hornimans, Jacobs Dowe Egbert’s flagship brand for teas and infusions in the Spanish market, extends its products with a new range of special infusions that can be drunk directly from the bottle, encouraging consumers to stay healthy and hydrated by adding delicious fruit flavours to water.

“There is no lack of reminders that we should drink the entire recommended daily amount of water, as staying hydrated is important for taking care of ourselves. However, it is often difficult for us to drink those recommended 2l or 2.5l of water, either because we do not like the taste of water or we are bored with it, etc. Sometimes, even though we try to flavour water with infusions or hot teas, this is not always a completely convenient alternative either because it is hot and we do not feel like drinking hot drinks or because we do not have time for the whole ritual of boiling the water, letting it infuse and enjoying that moment”. On the other hand, “more and more consumers have joined the reusable water bottle trend in order to reduce their plastic consumption and their environmental footprint”, Elena Orts Drago – JDE Tea & Sweetener Brand Marketing Manager explains.

Thus, the promotion of water intake to stay healthy and hydrated and the innovative role of Hornimans as a brand manufacturer of Infusions was what drove this brand and according to its Tea & Sweetener Brand Marketing Manager to “create a range of infusions with 100% natural ingredients, which can be drunk cold, warm, or hot from bottles, so that our customers can add a natural flavour to the water and stay hydrated while continuing on with their day-to-day lives in a way that best suits them”.

For the development of this new and innovative range of infusions, JDE has once again relied on Little Buddha Agency. “Little Buddha is Hornimans’ trusted design agency and they have accompanied us in all of our projects over the past few years. They know the brand and its positioning, they understand what we are seeking to convey, and we trust them completely: we know that when we go with an idea, the Little Buddha team can shape it and make it a reality. Little Buddha has been a key part of the success of our launches”, Elena says.

The challenge this brand presented to Little Buddha Agency was to create a new range of infusions that effectively communicates the new way of preparing and drinking infusions in bottles in an appetising, innovative, and self-explanatory manner.

“As it is a such innovative concept, we wanted to convey a lot of messages in the packaging. Prioritising messages that clearly explain how to use the product and its functionality was not an easy task. After a lot of thought with the Little Buddha team, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to convey several messages: how to use the product, the flavour that 100% natural products give to water, and the fact that these infusions are sugar and theine free” Elena states.

The result has been a new range of infusions that has a design with its own personality, that will stand out on the shelf and clearly conveys how to use the product, as well as its freshness and variety of flavours without moving too far away from the Hornimans brand.

Little Buddha Agency has developed:

  • A sub-brand BOTTLE INFUSIONS which is very descriptive in order to help the product be understood quicker.
  • A visual of an on the go bottle which plays the role of the hero of the pack and contains all of the basic information, further enhancing the understanding of the new method of preparing and drinking infusions.
  • A splash of water and a still life of moving fruits that convey freshness, dynamism, and how delicious the product is.
  • A visual of the pyramid shaped product as the focal point to mimic the infusion effect, adding colour to the “water” using a colour gradient that helps consumers identify the different flavours.
  • A cross-sectioned pictogram in a signage style which easily inform consumers about the product’s use.
  • Some resources that are connected to Hornimans’ graphic identity to maintain anchor points with the brand: the block of text to convey the flavour of the product, the gestural typography of the name, the background pattern or some other irregular brush strokes that bring an element of naturalness.
  • A design that allows the range to be easily expanded into new recipes, as well as the possibility of using other materials or graphic needs.