Hosseini brothers saffron



Design: Seyed Sajad Izadi
Location: Iran
Project Type: Produced
Client: Hosseini Brothers
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Saffron
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paperboard/glass
Printing Process: Offset Printing

Hosseini brothers saffron packaging design.

Hosseini Brothers Nuts and Dried Fruits Company was established in 1963 by Hossein Hosseini Taher.

The idea and opinion of the founder of this brand is to offer first-class goods with the lowest prices and to attract the attention of esteemed customers. After 58 years, the scope of activity of that company has always expanded and more products are offered to complete the product portfolio. All products of this company are health-oriented and the ultimate goal is the growth of community health.

In order to complete, we can mention some of the products of this company:
Nuts and dried fruits, saffron, all kinds of honey, all kinds of butter (almonds, hazelnuts, sesame, pistachios, mango, hazelnut mix, etc.) all kinds of candies, candies, etc., which are in bulk and in gift packages to give as gifts Loved ones can be bought as souvenirs because this company is built in a tourist-friendly and sacred area.

The company’s sales policy is in person and online shopping. This company is concentrated in Asia, Iran and the city of Mashhad, but you can buy from this brand from anywhere in the world.

But the subject of the project is the design of 8 g saffron packaging, which will be placed first in a crystal container and a crystal container in an exquisite box as a mother box, and finally in a handle box as a shopping, which is mostly used as a souvenir. And it will have a gift, so it was very important whether it was exquisite or not.

As you know, saffron is widely cultivated in Iran, especially in Mashhad, and is of high quality, due to the genome of this plant and the suitable climate for planting the crop that exists in Iran.

We have an art in the tradition of ancient Iran called painting, which produces works in different styles: Tehrani, Shirazi, Baghdadi, Jalayeri, Qajar and ….

The original idea of this work is rooted in the history and culture of Iran, the people of Iran believe that God commands the universe and the creatures of the earth to help the creatures that are trying to serve and help other creatures on earth.

Since this product in terms of nutritional value properties causes vitality after consumption, I decided to show this vitality in a person who harvests saffron with the help of legendary birds that are dancing, and the type of performance was very important. To inspire the Iranian atmosphere, I used the art of painting, the design of which inspires its antiquity, and any audience anywhere in the world saw this product either through familiarity with this art or if they did not know, with a simple search to find the place of production.

In the end, the quality of the product, the best color I could consider for this product was purple, inspired by the saffron flower itself, and the sun, which was visible in the form of hot foil gold from behind the character, which was very important to me. It was to instill in all aspects of this package the feeling of being Iranian, even the kind of margin around the sun that uses Iranian flowers and motifs.

All stages of production of this work have been hand-painted and painted from the beginning, and finally digitally modified and prepared for final printing.

The techniques used in this work are emboss, hotfoil and varnish water based, which is matte and glossy to take an effective step to protect the environment.

Given the passage of several months of production of this product, I am happy to say that this product has been able to take an effective step in selling as many products as possible and has been very successful.