Sarapulskyi konditer – handmade sweets


Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Sweets

About the project
Vanilla and berry marshmallows, delicate souffle sweets “Skazochnaya Ptichka-Krasavka”, waffle cake with a layer of souffle are a real visiting card of the Sarapul Confectionery Factory. The taste and quality have already been appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people who give and receive them as a gift.

A task
Currently, the Sarapul Confectionery Factory has almost lost its former level of popularity among customers. To a large extent, this was influenced by a sharp deterioration in the quality of products in those years when the factory passed from hand to hand. To date, it has been possible to return the quality of products and achieve a unique taste due to the preservation of manual labor in production.

We were commissioned to create a brand that would combine the “Soviet” classics and give it a second life.

The most active category for this market segment is the age group from 30 to 40 years old.

And if three years ago, modern confectionery was most often purchased by people aged 34-35, now the situation has changed. The age of active consumers has dropped to 32 years, and sales of marmalade and lollipops have grown due to them. In addition, younger shoppers also increased their shopping frequency.

But the industry is experiencing problems that are common to many food producers. Every year, production technologies are improving, and the quality of products is deteriorating – manufacturers strive to do as much as possible, because of this, both the taste and the value of the product and the soul that small manufacturers put into their products suffer. This problem also affected the Sarapul confectionery factory, which was founded in 1937 on the basis of the bakery chain of the famous confectioner Wilhelm Wolff, who had moved to the city earlier.

In 2014, the Sarapul Confectionery Factory is part of the Udmurt Bread Company Production Group. The new owners, hoping to regain their former glory, decide to return to manual production and henceforth use only natural ingredients. Sales begin to grow, and the products are once again gaining popularity and consumer love.

In the packaging design, we tried to reflect the advantages of the company through the brands “handmade” and “classic recipe”, thereby restoring confidence in quality and composition. The ritual itself, with the participation of manual labor, the inscriptions on the packaging “by hand” maintain the leaving atmosphere of intimacy between the one who made the product and the one who buys it. The Skazochnaya Ptichka-Krasavka comes to life on the box thanks to the colorful ornament on the packaging.