Derrick Lin


Design: Tabitha Mystica D’Souza
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology
Tutor: Akanksha Chajjer
Packaging Contents: Stationary and Card Game
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard and paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Skill-it is a skill-based education module that encourages students across the different educational boards in India to learn and acquire new soft skills that will help them shape their future. It is based on the 4th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) – Quality Education and the 12th SDG – Responsible Consumption and Production as given by the United Nations. Every learner gains knowledge and all educational systems in place work towards that, however, most schools do not have a skill-based curriculum for various reasons. This initiative includes a kit that targets that would help a child master the specified soft skills using interactive teaching methods. The Kit designed under Skill-it contains a manual for the facilitator/ mentor, a series of activity cards for the user to get acquainted with the various environmental crises, a card game, Diary pages, and tokens. The language and design are very simple with the hope for it to be translated and adapted to different languages in India.

What’s Unique?
The concept is a unique take on the Sustainable Development Goals. The packaging itself is eyecatching but the highlight would have to be the exploding box structure. The kit’s exterior itself collapses to form a board- this differentiates the area instantly and creates a space for the kit to be used. The board also can be used to play the game as part of an activity. In this manner we are using not only the contents but the packaging itself for an immersive learning experience.