“Kuramu” Crisps Snacks

Derrick Lin


Design: Marcin Fetraś
Location: Poland
Project Type: Student Project
School: WSISiZ in Warsaw
Tutor: Małgorzata Sobocińska-Kiss
Packaging Contents: Potato Crisps
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

“Kuramu” are potato crisps inspired by Asian candies and snacks.

I completed this project as part of the task of designing a series of packaging for any product with the characteristics of a snack. I have always been interested in the Asian culture, I even have my favorite Japanese sweets and they really inspired me to create my own concept of a brand. The name “Kuramu” comes from a Japanese word (クラム ) that roughly means “crumbs”. I wanted the name to be easy to remember, but also meaningful.

When choosing the colors and the concept itself, I was inspired by my own observations about the given flavors, as well as the food. I wanted a fresh look that would attract people of all ages. The characters designed by me, presented on the packaging, have a diversed appearance, so that children interested in the product will be able to identify with them. Their cute looks resemble Japanese animations and stimulate the imagination.