#NoShrinkFoil Pack



Design: Eric Haas
Location: Germany
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Beverages, water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard / kraft board, plastic

#NoShrinkFoil Pack is a solution for common six-packs of plastic bottles to avoid the standard shrink foils. It mostly focuses on rectangular bottles and uses grooves in the bottles to attach the bottles with each other.

This packaging solution is primarily focused on rectangular plastic bottles (e.g. Volvic, Lichtenauer, Vitrex).

A tiny change of existing bottle shapes using a smart protrusion / indentation ensures the bottles “grap” each other and hold them in a regular 6-pack-shape.

No additional shrink foil is needed while kraft board (card board) can be used to fix them in a regular 6-pack-shape.

Additional advantage: No change in regards of transportation, placement and storage at POS. Finally, the use of kraft board makes it possible to use it as a sort of a carrying strap. Btw, when drinking, the grooves of the bottles also offer a perfect grip for the consumer.

This packaging solution reduces the amount of plastic waste, makes the existing packages more sustainable and offers new ways for branding.

What’s Unique?
Unique shape of the bottles, replacing shrink foil by card board / kraft board