Design: Sam Holcroft
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Central Lancashire
Tutor: Jon Harker
Packaging Contents: Alcohol
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Tissue Paper

Contraband Rum from Cornwall, based on the smuggling family of Prussia Cove
The Carters were a family of Cornish smugglers active in the late 18th century operating out of Prussia Cove, Cornwall, where they had a hideout in a remote cliff next to the ocean. We wanted to tell the story of this infamous Family. Stories of their smuggling deeds deserve to be told, from ransacking naval vessels to supplying the whole of Penzance contraband rum. Recreating the experience of being part of the Carter family was our aim. We decided to do this by highlighting the importance of light, the Carters would often find themselves in the dark because their hideout was located within a dark cove. Therefore we decided to pay homage to this special place, Prussia Cove.

What’s Unique?

  •  Rum straight from England, staying away from the traditional Barbados roots.
  •  Highlighting a famous smuggling gang in Cornwall’s history, who were known for smuggling contraband Rum.
  •  Using light typography to highlight the importance of light to the smugglers of the Carter Family.
  • Contour lines have been used on the tissue wrapping as reference because the cove was located within an extremely rocky cliff.
  • Graphic reveal when logo is finally revealed tissue is wrapped/unwrapped, emulates the darkness the Carter Family would’ve experienced whilst in their hideout.