The Sollys



Design: Gustavo Lacerda
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Bottle glass
Printing Process: Serigraphy

The sollys is a project created especially for a winery, located in a rural region of Uruguay, it was known for its red wines made by hand.

Seeking to expand its audience, the company decided that it wanted to bring something more sophisticated and elegant in its bottle, seeking not only to be one of its competitors, nor to be a premium packaging, but to convey the values that the winemaker places in its product. A great product with an affordable cost-benefit. Aimed at an audience that values ​​good wine but does not want to pay such a high price for a bottle.

Our focus was to bring in the packaging elements that refer to Uruguay, but without losing the aesthetic of a wine bottle.

To bring that patriotic side, we did several researches and analyzed the wines that compete for the same competitive market in the region, we noticed that bottles without the label were not common, that’s when we decided to bring Sol de Maio as a highlight of the brand, an element present in the flag and that would serve as a great differential for the product we are designing, we chose to embed it directly in the packaging without any use of labels, so we managed to maintain the elegance and minimalist aesthetics, fundamental attributes of the brand.

We use an unsaturated golden yellow tint that is associated with the Sun and in abundance to emphasize the element present in the packaging, we brought a shade of black present in the bottle to convey an air of sophistication, elegance and drama. On the cover we use dark blue to remember Uruguay, the color is present in the flag and conveys confidence, success and serenity. The white, also present in the caps, is inspired by the stripes of the flag and generates a feeling of peace and fraternity.

The result is a sophisticated, fine and robust composition. The customer was super satisfied and approved the idea at first, the product launch will happen soon, we believe a lot in this project, the first results in the market will be positive, reaching an audience that until now was not possible.