Affine Olive Oil Concept

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Design: Saloni
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
Packaging Contents: Olive Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle

The motivation was to encourage people to make sustainable choices, towards which the first step would be to make the consumers think about their purchases. People need to choose healthy for themselves. There are numerous benefits of first pressed olive oil such as maintaining cholesterol, balancing hormones, controlling diabetes and so on. It is rich in anti oxidants and is anti inflammatory and have no chemicals or additives.

People buy oil once a month or once in two months. Most of the Olive oil bottles have extra virgin printed on the labels for marketing only. It isn’t exactly extra virgin. First cold press refers to the process of oil extraction from the olives but they are only pressed once unlike some oils which are extracted from multiple times of pressing olives which reduces most of the beneficial properties of the oil. Also cold press is the proper method of oil extraction since it avoids heat and chemical additives which helps the oil to retain the natural aroma and flavour. The whole process is described in the neck tag on the bottle which justifies the quality of the product.

Now, why would someone put trust in another extra virgin olive oil bottle in market? But, what if that brand promotes sustainability and authenticity through the smallest things?

We have gone one step ahead in bringing to life the world of sustainability by integrating technology in the packaging itself. The label on the back of the pack has a QR code at the bottom.

The line on the bottom half of the bottle on the back indicates that the consumer needs to buy another bottle. So when the consumer checks the level of the oil near the end of the month or at the end of two months depending on the use, the QR code will catch his eye. The content on the back will create curiosity and urge him to check out the website thus constituting brand promotion along with sustainability.

The catch is, when a consumer subscribes and a new bottle is delivered at the end of the month, the consumer can return the empty bottle and this can be associated with multiple benefits like shopping credits or early access to new products and newsletters and so on. Scanning the code with the phone camera will open the website on the particular product page. The consumer can go through the the product details and decide on subscription. More information regarding the return of the empty bottle and shopping credits and reuse of the bottle are mentioned in subscription details. If a choice, both sustainable as well as healthy is just a scan away, why not make it?