Agency: Tuman studio
Art director: Irina Kosheleva
Head producer: Konstantin Tolstikov
Illustrator: Olga Epikhina
Marketing manager: Tatyana Esipova
IMC manager: Anna Reymonte
Brand manager: Inna Ten
Creative Excellence manager: Maria Petrenko
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Multon, Coca-Cola HBC
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Carbonated Juice Drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

Juice and nectar brand Rich has launched a new product called Rich Dolce, the first one in Bubbles line of natural carbonated juice drinks. Inspired by the traditions of Southern Italy, Rich Dolce drinks contain up to 70% fruit and berry juice, water and bubbles, no added sugar. The product is presented in two flavors: sweet cherry with tart grapefruit and refreshing lemon. Tuman Studio was contracted to create a visual image reflecting the laconic and rich nature of the drink and showing the bright Italian character.

In the process of developing the design, the team aimed to create a bright and relevant solution that would highlight the drink and demonstrate its benefits.

Large logo makes it easy to identify Rich brand, a well-established quality mark among juices. The “Dolce” typeface refers to the historic 19th century Clarendon fonts. Created by François Rappaud, Clarendon Graphic is a new graphic approach to this type of typefaces that embodies its modernist potential. A circular emblem marks the Bubbles line. The contrasting combination of yellow and blue / red and blue makes it noticeable, and bright artistic illustrations refer to the tradition of Tuscan majolica and allow to feel the spirit of Italy.