Baskin Robbins Period Edition

Derrick Lin


Design: Anushka Mehrota
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MITID
Tutor: Yohan Engineer
Packaging Contents: Ice cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wet paperboard, Polypropylene, Paper
Printing Process: Flexography

The project started off with an extensive research on the psychology of the consumer and how the unboxing of ice cream impacts the user and what the customer journey is. The connection between ice cream and emotions became evident after a few steps and what caught my attention was the response from most female participants during the survey that the one time they need ice cream the most is when on their period.

Ice cream is beyond just a food item, it’s something that can make a bad day a good one. It is a sweet escape for a few. Speaking of Baskin Robbins, they are a youthful brand and don’t shy away from experimenting. Baskin Robbins’ brand strategy is keeping it vibrant and hopping onto trends to reach out to the user bases. Clubbing these two ideas, I came up with the Period Edition with a twist to the basic container itself. The 1L pack mimics a pizza and that creates a completely unique experience and creates excitement. The color palette is very soothing and radiates comfort which are the most important things to a female on her period . The pack has a very catchy phrase on top that says ‘Oh Cramp’ which is a modified version of the very popular phrase ‘oh crap’ among the youth and induces humor and makes it immediately attractive. It caters to a very wide user base.

To enhance the unboxing experience, there is a very relatable quote that can be seen as soon as the user opens up the box and creates an immediate connection. The graphics have soft edges to imitate ice cream and its softness. The safety seal increases the perceived value. Lastly, the graphics on the body resemble the pattern on a cow and gives a feeling of trust regarding the milk content in the ice cream, something which most consumers look for.

Who doesn’t like a good story? The best part about this packaging is that it’s story is the user’s story. It empathizes with the user and strikes a note with them at a personal level.

What’s Unique?
This packaging personifies ice cream and takes it beyond a mere tangible product. It empathizes and creates a personal connection with the user.