Catalogue for Acetalux print finishing

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Design: Denise Kuperman
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Produced
Client: Acetalux print finishing
Photographer: Tiago Casanova
Product Launch Location: Portugal
Packaging Contents: Cards
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Silver UV varnish

Print finishing can massively enhance the appearance of the printed paper, and that’s what Acetalux offers: Laminating and UV-Coating.

And with so many print finishing options available to its customers, designing a catalogue was the ideal way to showcase this variety. The idea was to create something that would engage and excite, showing what can be achieved with each finishing option in a fun and colourful manner.

Popular Portuguese expressions were chosen as the theme of this catalogue.

For each print finishing option, one expression was specifically selected and illustrated (with image bank illustrations). For example: for the UV-Coating that mimics sand texture, the expression selected was “Areia demais para a tua camioneta” (“Too much sand for your little truck”), meaning that something or someone is “out of your league”. The illustration shows a truck and a pile of sand in front of it, with the coating applied to the sand.

One card was created for each finishing option, and they are all unique. Thirty cards were created so far, and the idea is to keep adding new ones as Acetalux diversifies its products, making the catalogue a collector’s item.

Every time a new print finishing option becomes available, Acetalux’s team has an excuse and an opportunity to visit their clients to give them a new card for their collection, strengthening the bond of their relationship with their clients.

In order to keep the cards organized, a box was devised, separating them into two sections: Laminating (plástico) and UV-Coating (verniz). The first card in the box tells a little bit about what Acetalux has to offer.

What’s Unique?
An innovative way to showcase print finishing options to clients, transforming a catalogue into a desirable object and a collector’s item.