Agency: Minim Brand Design
Project Manager: Lazizkhuja Sharipov
Designer: Tokhir Tuygunov
Designer: Mirabbos Zufarov
Art Director: Sardor Jurabaev
Designer: Gulyora Kayumova
Copywriter: Said Nazrillayev
Location: Uzbekistan
Project Type: Produced
Client: Azzir Spices
Product Launch Location: Uzbekistan
Packaging Contents: Spices
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Pulp fibre
Printing Process: Flexography

Uzbekistan is a spice-lover country: it has an impressive cuisine, ancient history of dishes and uncountable amounts of unique spice combinations.

Moreover, it also has a traditional ornaments, such as atlas and adras, that demonstrate bright and optimistic spirit of the Uzbek culture.

Working with Azzir spices we took into consideration all of these factors — our goal was creating a design, that combines both historical, cultural aspects of the country and rich spice mixes, that inspire, surprise and bring joy.

Visually, design is far from minimalistic style: it has lots of details, small elements, many colors and their combinations. It was made to connect Uzbek ornaments with spices, in order to focus more attention on the history of the brand.

This attitude also attracts our target auditory: Uzbek women, who love to cook and wear traditional adras.

From more practical point of view, the design is also effective as it helps a customer to identify what kind of spice he holds in hands immediately – one instantly can decide, where to use the spice, with meat or soups, or anything else.

Except packaging design, we also developed naming and logo of the brand. For the name we took words «Asia» and «Zira», which means «Spice» in Uzbek. As a result, naming demonstrates the origin of the brand and its value — high quality spices from an oriental country.

When it comes to the logo, we also inspired with traditional Uzbek ornaments, that attract the eye and instantly connect the brand with rich history of Uzbekistan.