Design: Seung Ah Lee
Location: South Korea
Project Type: Produced
Client: Eleven Corp
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Perfume
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium Tube, Glass bottle, Paper box
Printing Process: Printing

A’ddict is a fragrance brand based on the movie ‘Perfume’ based on the novel. A’ddict applied the movie’s story to the product itself with a fresh and concrete concept, adding depth to the product and emphasizing brand identity.

A’ddict’s main product, solid perfume, can blend with the user’s natural scent, leaving its unique scent. Since it is only steered as a base, it has a clear appeal that it can be used with A’ddict’s liquid perfume for long-lasting and layered according to the user’s mood.

However, A’ddict currently does not have any graphic elements to feel the concept of the movie ‘Perfume’ and is attracting customers’ attention through stimulating content rather than the product’s appeal.

This project aims to redefine A’ddict’s brand identity, create a strong brand image, and create a new sales strategy that can increase consumer loyalty.

A’ddict had ambiguous brand directions, did not clearly define the linguistic identity to describe A’ddict, such as brand spirit and brand message, and did not convey the essential scent compared to the attractiveness of the product. The design was developed at the customer interface without a clear standard for the brand, causing an imbalance between the brand identity components.

I re-established brand identity, such as A’ddict’s brand essence, concept, and slogan, by carefully looking into A’ddict’s initial plan and looking at brand values to find a solution accordingly. Based on this, I added additional elements that can convey the brand’s identity of ‘scent’ and ‘layering’ product appeal and instilled a differentiated experience to consumers through the new brand identity design guide.