Market Collection



Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Perekrestok
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Cheese

About the project
Perekrestok is one of the largest supermarket chains in Russia. At the moment, there are about 800 stores in the Russian Federation.

The main private label of Perekrestok is the Market brand, which is present in almost all capacious food categories.

A task
After the redesign of Market Perekrestok, we were commissioned to create packaging for the premium line of Market Collection cheeses, designed for gourmets and hedonists.

Market Collection is the first brand of the Perekrestok chain in the premium segment. It is based on high gastronomy products and delicacies from all over the world.

The philosophy of the Market Collection is restraint, simplicity and dignity in every product. High quality, exquisite taste and aroma, noble matte packaging with stylish sophisticated design make Market Collection products a culinary and visual decoration for any table.

The target audience of the brand is gourmets and hedonists, so, of course, the territory of pleasure was chosen for positioning.

It was important for us to keep the connection between the two brands, since both brands belong to Perekrestok, but at the same time we needed to highlight the advantages of the premium line.

Both logos share the same design and both use bronze and gold embossing. But in the Market Collection design, the background color of the packaging is deeper and more saturated and special effects of matte and glossy varnish are applied, creating an accent on the food zone and the logo.

In the conversion layer, we focused on describing the taste of the product (mushroom aroma, soft texture, velvety crust) so that the customer can feel the taste before purchasing the product.

The packaging looks modern and stylish. A large and bright logo on a contrasting background attracts attention. And the elegant mouth-watering food zone tempts with taste.

Any day will be special with “Market Collection”! After all, this is an original and easy way to enjoy food, giving up the daily routine.