Drip Come True | Taiwan Coffee Collection

Design: Lung-Hao Chiang
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Aluminium
Printing Process: Digital printing, Screen printing

A selection of two coffee series with the theme of Taiwanese coffee beans, hoping to combine elements that are very life-like, interesting and easy to resonate with consumers with packaging design, so that the packaging design of this series can use a new visual design to express the traditional Culture, I finally got inspiration from Taiwan’s folk culture “Bwa Bwei” to combine with coffee. “Bwa Bwei” is very similar to the appearance of coffee beans. This is also an interesting discovery of this series of packaging design.

“Bwa Bwei” is a traditional Chinese divination method, in which the divination seeker throws or drops two little wooden pieces on the floor and gets the divine answer by the positions of the pieces whether the future course being contemplated is recommended or not. The pieces, called “Poe” (Bwei) in Taiwanese or Jiaobei in Mandarin, look somewhat like two shells of a clam or bivalve mollusk.

As a kind of Chinese traditional culture and folk belief, “Bwa Bwei” usually contains a kind of wish and blessing for the future, hope that dreams will come true, is a culture full of good blessings, and this concept extends the packaging design “Drip Come True” copy, because every coffee bean is infused with the love and blessings of coffee farmers and coffee roasters. While tasting coffee, they are also tasting the hard work of coffee farmers. I hope consumers can Drink better coffee and have a better life, “Drip it, and wish your dream come true”