Derrick Lin


Agency: Gummy Industries Srl
Strategy: Alessandro Mininno
Creative Director: Giorgio Mininno
Label Design: Donatella Alquati
Illustration: Irene Laschi
Website Art Direction: Matlis Cenuka
Website Copywriting: Claudio Savelli
Photography (website, details): Alessandro Belussi
Photography (still life serie): Nocera&Ferri Studio
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Terre dei Buth
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing

Terre dei Buth, the new vegan wine directly from Veneto.

Terre dei Buth mirrors the Veneto region: a symbol of freedom and the simplicity of life in contact with nature. Not the classic glossy wine to be drunk from the crystal goblets of the best set, but a strong, quality wine with a simple, rustic soul. In creating the brand identity, we were inspired by those young people who decide to abandon the rat race and devote themselves to the country life, far from the noise and chaos of the city, in search of the freedom and wellbeing that only this lifestyle can provide. Terre dei Buth is also a sustainable, vegan and genuine wine.

We have ensured that the brand identity encompasses all this: the quality of organic and eco-aware products, linked to the wellbeing of a slow-paced lifestyle. Strategy, visual identity, art direction, design, website: we have created an all-round brand, taking care to convey the ideal of a return to authentic living. A brand connected to nature.

To create the contents of Terre dei Buth we reproduced a typical country home environment, often linked to farming activities, with all its characterising elements: ranging from the presence of genuine and sustainable products, up to and including the table, the final destination that links the fruits of nature to man.

Nature can be found largely in the essential packaging of the product: the labels, created in collaboration with the illustrator Irene Laschi, draw on the world of agriculture, making it possible to capture every nuance of shape and colour of various vegetables and live the Terre dei Buth experience to the full. The labels are made entirely of recycled paper, to highlight once again the values of the brand.