Gentleman Meat New Packaging 2021

Studio Metis

Agency: Studio Metis
Idea Director: Vahid Khezrian
Character Design: Nazanin Hedayati
Location: Iran
Project Type: Produced
Client: Gentleman Meat
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Meat, Fresh Food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plasstic, Tray
Printing Process: Screen Printing

Gentleman is a brand of fresh meat products that started its activity in 2019. Gentleman’s first campaign featured engaging characters, which attracted a large audience. Gentleman brand needed a campaign similar to the previous packaging for new products and updates of previous products, our goal was a small change and update in color and pagination.

Images similar to the previous package must have a special form. All our efforts were on the quality and design of valuable and original portraits. Using the face and shape of each animal for the product was a big challenge that the studio designers faced. It took a long time for the image to be fixed with a drawing. To solve this challenge, the use of collage and photomanipolash techniques helped the studio designers a lot. Finally, the idea was created using hand drawing and the images were created by the software. Also, the formation and gesture of each character required a lot of interaction. For example, the design of the product character (chicken breast) had a special appeal for us because among all these male characters, a female character could have a special attraction, so we used a different formatting and gesture to give more effect to the campaign. Avoid the uniformity of the packaging campaign.

For the rest of the characters, a particular gesture was important to us, because the gesture of each character could show the whole nature of the packaging and the brand.

We had reached our goal and the brand. (We had a difference in the product showcase). Now it needed a continuum to maintain its position in the product showcase. With a few months of effort, we were able to end this campaign differently and more attractively than the previous campaign. We hope to show a very attractive design in the product showcase.

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