Les Vinificateurs 2021



Agency: Atipus
Photos by Enric Badrinas
Typeface by Klim Type Foundry
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Le Petit Ballon
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Foil stamping, offset

The project
They know the future is custom-label wines. As we do. They contribute to building a stronger relationship with their customers. And they stand out –which translates into more customers–. So, they wanted to entrust us with the design. We already worked with Les Vinificateurs on the 2020 set. And we worked together again this year 2021. This time, the brief changed slightly. They wanted to focus on the craftsmanship of the wine. And in second place, the data.

The goal was to create an artisan look, to represent their winegrower’s authenticity. We used a contemporary Grotesk remake type. And created handmade lettering. We did one too for the corch that says “Place à la dégustation!” –which means “Time for tasting!”–. As for the data information, first, take a look at the label. Do you see those lines dividing the space? Those blocks represent the percentage of the subscriber’s results. For the overall result, the 100% Organic Cuvée has a tougher look because the Bel Âge is more premium. We chose a blue label color with a golden stamping finish to appear more elegant without losing the artisan vibe.

They care for their customers. They try new things and experiment. They work with technology to offer an innovative product. And at the top of all that, they do it in a responsible and environmental-friendly way. We are happy and proud to work with Le Petit Ballon because we share those same values.

The client
Le Petit Ballon makes wines easy to understand and to consume. Like many people, they found themselves incapable of discerning one good wine from another. And if someone tried to delve into the wine industry knowledge, they often would bump into a restrictive and expensive world. So, they start working to change that. They found many ways to innovate and transform this field, in a sustainable way. And one of them is Les Vinficateurs.

Les Vinficateurs are wines made from a quiz sent to their subscribers. This year, they used 6 entry points from all their subscriber’s data to create the wines. Powerfulness, spiciness, fruitiness, complexity, oak, and tannin.

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