Design: Rishika Chakravarty
Location: United Arab Emirates
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Juice/Pop
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Inspired by the subsequent seasons of a year; summer, fall & spring – the line ensues an illustrative approach to communicate the fresh taste and product benefits to the customer. Additionally, the whimsical creative packaging plays on the sensory areas of the characters face used to distinguish the range and stand out. To translate the idea of “a harmonious blend of taste” graphically, a set of character based illustrations with bold colours and playful interpretations of fruits incorporated into the brand.

The whimsical approach of characterizing the respective seasons is formulated by the fruits which are “in-season” – from which the color scheme and persona emerges. This culminates in a fun, colourful brand – full of personality combining the flavours and communicating the concept of “taking flavour in your every move.”

Consumers today are more aware than ever, so the die-cut window of the actual sparkling-drink creates a connection enhancing their trust in oh! POP. This concept of YSWYG (you see what you get), is not only adds branding value to gage trust but also becomes a cost-effective promotional tool. Competitive advantage is achieved through the packaging customer is reassured of the genuinity and authenticity, building a higher likelihood of increasing final purchase.