Sixi Royal Pomegranate Juice

Derrick Lin


Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Pomegranate juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Flexography

Danruoer has been operating in Lintong, Xi’an for many years, but the brand has not spread. From the perspective of brand communication, danraul is not a good name. Dan ruoer is a transliteration of pomegranate. Most people don’t know that danjor is a pomegranate. This name adds a burden to brand communication. After receiving this project, Sixi checked danroer’s brand assets and found that danroer had registered a very good name “Royal pomegranate”. More than 2000 years ago, Yang Guifei personally planted a pomegranate tree in Huaqing Palace in Lintong. The grandson of the pomegranate flowed out of Huaqing Palace and planted it all over Lintong.

Therefore, in addition to the terracotta warriors and horses and Huaqing Palace, pomegranate has become the third major specialty of Lintong. Based on this, we create an advertisement for the Royal pomegranate: “look at the terracotta warriors and horses, visit Huaqing Palace and drink the Royal pomegranate”. Imperial pomegranate is quickly recognized by customers through the culture of terracotta warriors and horses and Huaqing Palace. This slogan is also tailored to the brand name of Royal pomegranate. If you call danruoer, look at the terracotta warriors and horses, visit Huaqing Palace and drink danruoer, customers will not trust you. First, it’s not clear what danroer is. Second, danroer is juxtaposed with Huaqing Palace and terracotta warriors and horses. The name imperial pomegranate is related to the terracotta warriors and horses. Huaqing Palace has no sense of violation.