Donna Annamarì – un pack al femminile

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84013 Cava de' Tirreni SA, Italia

The brief required for the packaging of this panettone required to graphically represent the inspiration, creativity and passion of women in the preparation of desserts, naturally in a manner consistent with the brand. Donna Annamarì is the pastry chef of our tradition, she represents a little bit of ideal of our mothers and grandmothers who are very good in the kitchen and give us tastes and flavors that remain unchanged over time within us, etched in our memory from when we are children to adulthood.

From the design to the creation of the packaging

Following these indications we have designed a clean and essential packaging, the self-assembled die is made with coated paper coupled with microwave, the glossy lamination makes the colors bright and the graphics are inviting, simple in their message of positivity.

The details that make the packaging interesting

The dominant color is burgundy, a classic and decisive color, associated with concepts of strength, determination, on which stands the illustration of some lilies, Amaryllis Belladonna, which still recall some of the infinite enchanting feminine facets: beauty, delicacy, scent. The sunflower yellow satin ribbons recall some details in the color, making the packaging even more elegant and refined. All that remains is to open this beautiful packaging and taste one of the delicious variants of Donna Annamarì panettone!