Crocchè di Ninuccio – un abbraccio gigante

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84013 Cava de' Tirreni SA, Italia

A giant hug

Ninuccio’s giant Crocchè is the perfect combination of tradition and taste, and the pack that “embraces” it is our creative tribute to this project.

A product that unites

“Galeotto was the crocchè!”. The meeting of two figures united by a passion for street food and this fantastic product. Their desire to grab the crocchè and enjoy it at its best: he and she are represented with a minimal style on the chromatic background of the Ninuccio brand identity and with them the various taste sensations connected to this fantastic crocchè. this product, considering the size and type of consumption, we have designed and created a self-supporting die to optimize costs and logistics in the warehouse. The pack then closes on itself, has no glue points and above all, it is easy to use especially if we think of the crocchè and its direct reference to street food. Internal and external lamination complete and embellish the pack.