L’Angolo di Paolo

SoCity - Creative Space

84013 Cava de' Tirreni SA, Italia

Taste, imagination and creativity for the food packaging designed and created for Paolo’s corner – hamburgeria pizzeria.
Together with the client, we started from the premise of wanting to tell a story that would underline the strong link with the city of Eboli and its historical origins.

A backward journey was made, between history and mythology, and it was found that the roots of the city of Campania are intertwined with Greek mythology. In fact, the pack depicts the birth of Ebalo, founder of Eboli, from the love between the nymph Sebeti and Telone, king of Capri. The illustrations depict Sebeti and Telone in the front pack, while on the sides we find the same Ebalo. The style used recalls the art of ceramics and vase painting, identifying the artistic production of ancient Greece.

The reference to the logo of “L’angolo di Paolo” is present with the insertion of the orange apostrophe in the illustrations: it becomes, in fact, an integral part of the drawings themselves, eliminating the empty spaces and replacing them with real illustrated figures.