Oxylife Water oxygenataed water

Derrick Lin


Company: Oxylife Water
Co-owner: Vadim Malgin
Location: Czech Republic
Project Type: Produced
Client: Foundful General Trading Company
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: oxygen water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: aluminium can
Printing Process: screen printing

Oxylife water is the best and stable oxygen water in the World.

First, we take the water of the highest quality and low mineralization with an ideal pH level of 7.43 and enrich it with about 120 mg / L of pure oxygen, which is 30 times more than what happens in ordinary water. 2400% more oxygen.

To ensure a high level of oxygen is maintained, we only use boxes made of high-quality materials. OxyLife oxygenated water is a high-quality product, which gives the body wonderful energy and vitality thanks to the high concentration of human oxygen. Filled and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

At first need to tell you, that our oxygen water is the best and stable oxygen water in the World. We have long years experience with Oxygen and Oxygen water and on our way we have produced oxygen water in glass bottles, in Pet bottles in 3 levels Pet bottles…. and need to tell you, that it is not best decision for real oxygenated water. Oxygen is very active and kind element and it always coming out through pet or through cup. I know, what I am talking about. After all experiments, we finally reached the best decision. This decision is can with Nano coating inside. We are producing our Oxygen water in such cans. So, I insist on production real Oxygen water only in cans.