Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Yoghurt
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

About the project
Food Bureau is a company that invents, manufactures and sells functional food products.

Having launched Epica once and becoming pioneers in the modern dairy market in Russia, we wanted to make a similar story, but already on the market for alternative dairy products. Therefore, together with the Food Bureau company, we have developed a new brand of alternative dairy products “Vegurt” – plant-based yoghurts.

More and more alternative products appear on the shelves of large stores. Azbuka Vkusa suggests the variety of alternative proposals, followed by Green Perekrestok, alternative milk can also be seen on Magnit’s shelves. The Nemoloko line has a new sub-brand Barista – vegetable milk for coffee drinks.

After analyzing the shelf, we realized that the competition in this niche is still low and saw great prospects for development. Categories are forecasting 30x growth in the near future.

The interesting name “Vegurt” is based on a combination of the words vegan and yoghurt and is perfect for defining a whole category of alternative yoghurts.

The Vegurt line includes 4 spoonful and 4 drinking yoghurts with various fillers and supplements. It is a coconut-based all-vegetable product. A variety of flavors: mango-passionfruit, peach-apricot, strawberry-banana, orange-avocado, raspberry-spirulina – enables any consumer to find something that meets all his requirements and preferences.

Interesting supplements, such as Siberian fiber, spirulina, collagen, assai berries, improve digestion, skin condition, prolong youth, strengthen immunity.

The product is aimed mainly at the female audience who wants to stay beautiful and healthy, choosing functional products. For residents of a metropolis living in conditions of poor ecology and physical inactivity, such a product is a lifesaver.

Fashionable, bright, beautiful design fits perfectly into social networks, you want to post it. In addition to organic promotion, it is ideal for advertising activations through various fashion beauty and fashion bloggers.

A prominent V makes it stand out from the rest on the shelf. The vibrant trendy colors combine to provide an interesting contrast. Fashionable innovative design, up to date, matches the rhythm and style of the city, and the product itself supports global trends in healthy eating and alternative products.

An interesting name, combination of tastes and fashionable design from a rating agency is the key to success and demand in the market.