Karolina Król Studio

Warsaw, Poland

Wagleaf Organics is a New York–based dog treats brand, who approached Karolina Król Studio with an already developed brand identity and were looking to create some packaging designs for their new natural and sustainably made dog treats. Their goal was to create a brand new culinary experience for your dog. They’ve realised that pet owners have always been trying to find ways to let their dogs engage in the same experiences with them, and that they’ve been always looking for more pet friendly restaurants but few are available. Therefore, Wagleaf Organics decided to bring the pet-friendly restaurant experience straight to their door.

They believe the farm-to-table experience is best shared with all members of your family. That’s why they curated seasonal, small-batch recipes for dogs in collaboration with local New York farmers. They don’t use any fillers—just the timeless, healthy, fruit-of-the-earth, human-grade organics that they aim for in their own fine-dining experiences. You can think of them as your dog’s personal chef, creating a new Michelin-star-worthy culinary standard for your canine companions.

The goal of the packaging design created by Karolina Król Studio was to reflect this natural, sustainable, fine-dining approach to dog treats. The result is a natural, minimalist, cream-coloured environmentally-friendly box with a subtle farm to table feel. The elegant, minimalist, asymmetrical layout reflects the modern, crisp and fresh feel of the brand. A delicate pop of colour inspired by one of the main ingredients in a particular treat differentiates each product and lets the customer recognise each variant quickly. The designs feature hand-painted line illustrations of the fantastic, unique ingredients that the treats are made of, such as rainbow chard, butternut squash, thyme, or berries. Additionally, a leaf-shaped cutout shows the beautiful treats inside. A true farm to paw artisanal treats for the four-legged foodie.