Bright Packaging For Children’s Medicine

Packaging in the pharmaceutical sector in Uzbekistan looks quite dull and depressive. Products, even if they are produced for children, are sold in strict and boring boxes, visually making the atmosphere around the ill child even more anxious.

That’s why when local medicine producer Top Victory Ltd came to us with a task of making a new packaging for a series of drugs for children, we knew that our client needed something bright and optimistic.

We supposed that the product has to be closer to the child-world: added some characters — funny and friendly dinosaurs, worked on fonts of the packaging and picked some bright colors for each medication. Naming of the products have not changed, although we re-designed its form, making it more childish and easy-to-read on the shelves.

By the way, we also optimized the way that product could be stored in the pharmacies: now it is okay to keep it on the shelf even horizontally. It makes our product more convenient both for dealers and customers.

Moreover, we divided each product type with its own color — now it’s far more easy to distinguish each product almost instantly, and the unique character on each type of packaging makes this even more easier and comfortable. Form of the packaging was also redesigned, so that flackons inside won’t shake while the product is carried.

In comparison with the old version, packaging became more modern, much closer to its real auditory — children, and more comfortable for customers and dealers: local pharmacies.


Project Manager: Lazizkhuja Sharipov

Art Director: Sardor Jurabayev

Graphic Designer: Tokhir Tuygunov

Top Victory Ltd