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Montebrew aims to bring to the people the best coffee experience through sustainable farming and eco-friendly business.

Montebrew was established in 2012 which has now grown as the leading coffee supplier in the market, satiating the demands of coffee lovers across the globe. As the name denotes, Montebrew is a special coffee variety that comes from the expansive mountain ranges in southern India. It is a single-origin specialty coffee bean grown in abundance amongst the hilly terrains.

Montebrew approached Saypan Communications for their packaging design needs. The company provides premium and healthy products to their customers and expected a certain kind of packaging that will help them market their product to all kinds of coffee lovers. The energetic nature of the product had to be displayed in a modern yet elegant way.

For a series of products namely Original Mountain Coffee – Dark Roast, Original Mountain Coffee – Medium Roast – Grounded, Instant Coffee – Cafe Soluble, Whole Bean – Custom Roast. The color black was chosen as a base color for the theme as it signifies prestige, formality and importance. Red, Green, Violet and Cyan were selected respectively for different packs of coffee according to their flavours. For detailing, gold texture was selected as it signifies quality and luxury. The combination of black and gold gave the packaging a premium presence.

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