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Originated in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, Maosaji Sweets since 1920 is a renowned name engaged in offering premium quality sweets, namkeens, cakes, fast food. They also have their own family restaurants where they serve their assorted menu. Maosaji has come up with a unique product that serves the contents of a traditional Indian Thali in a packaged box.

Maosaji approached Saypan to design a packaging for this unique concept. The beauty of this product is that it provides traditional Indian taste on the go. You can enjoy this delicacy in whatever place you need your hunger satisfied. On a weary day in your office or on a camping trip in the deep wilderness. Traveling with your friends and family on a train to your favourite destination you can enjoy this delicious thali.

The packaging was aimed at an audience of a formal, more sophisticated standing as well as a person that will buy the product for a casual meal. The product must look equally appealing to a range of buyers. The tone of the packaging had to be set on these constraints. The packaging had to have a design that would have a balance of quirkiness as well as a hint of urbane composition.

The color scheme was based on an English Garden Design with a combination of Lavender and Aqua to give off a hint of sophistication in visuals. This was further developed with the shades of Magenta and Celeste. Tangerine Yellow was used as a detailed color to suggest a vibrancy in the design. Keeping the selling point of the product in mind, illustrations were developed in such a manner that it emphasizes the use of the product in different situations. The illustrations occupy the right side of the design while the title of the product is situated on the left. The bottom of the title frame has a silhouette of the mountain landscape which makes a background for one of the 3 illustrations.


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