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The only routine that excites us is pouring ourselves an aromatic cup of coffee – instantly. For a coffee brand, visual resonance is as important as the convenience factor when it comes to packaging. For Brain Coffee’s Instant Coffee product, we have carefully implemented a sturdy spectrum of brown visuals on a flat bottom bag for maximum impact and stable shelf presence. The representation of a stirring hot cup of coffee atop a bunch of Brahmi leaves actively engages the audience while subconsciously positioning the brand as a healthy must-have.

The top of this glossy and premium packaging is lid-sealed in an effective manner. Furthermore, we have pulled together attributes of caffeine such as intensity, stimulus, joy, power, and hustle while assigning the brand’s visual identity to the color-gradient-heavy packaging design. Utilizing empty spaces around the minimal text on the front-side of the packaging with strong imagery clearly inculcated an impactful blend of professional and playful aesthetic. The design is righteously inspired by the minimalistic modernity of the west as well as the fervent concept of ayurvedic healing appeal in the east.