Nylon Papdi Snacks

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Nylon Papdi – Tara Mulchand Sweets

Tara Mulchand Sweets is a leading brand in the finest sweets located in Pune, Maharashtra. They have come up with high-quality and healthy products that can be enjoyed as leisure food. Papdi is a traditional deep-fried cracker that originated in Gujarat. It is usually enjoyed as a side dish for any light meal or with Tea. Tara Mulchand’s Nylon Papdi is a modern take on this traditional dish as it is made with the finest of ingredients, is much thinner and crispier and has a layered appearance achieved through a more sophisticated frying process.

To market this fine product, Tara Mulchand approached Saypan Communications for a modern look that will appeal to a wide range of buyers through attractive packaging.

The product comes in a variety of two flavours namely Nylon Plain Papdi and Nylon Masala Papdi. Plain Papdi uses a colour scheme of Cadet Blue as a primary and Bright Yellow as a secondary. The font in Pure White with Bright Yellow highlights conveys the tone of a more playful nature. The Masala Papdi on the other hand uses a colour scheme of Burnt Sienna as the primary and Chrome Yellow as secondary. The font in Burnt Sienna itself with Chrome Yellow highlights sets off the tone as much richer and elegant than that of the Plain Papdi. Both the packages feature the product photograph so as to display the product directly to the consumers.