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Maosaji is a famous Indian food brand which heads from the city of Bilaspur, Chattisgharh. This brand manufactures numerous Indian sweet delicacies and namkeens, and has been a renowned brand wining the hearts of Indian foodies since the year 1917. ‘Maosaji’ delivers a long variety of foods starting from Indian Soanpapdi to western chocolate cookies. The company saw a need to change the packaging of their products after a long era. They needed accurate packaging designs to support their delicious products.

Maosaji approached Saypan Communication for their graphic design and packaging design needs. Saypan designed the package according to the need of the company.

Cookies packaging design.

The various cookie box was designed in a chocolate brown colour to show the relevance of choco cookies and the packet. The corner piece of the design was a photograph of the cookies itself. Around the photograph will be the letterings and words related to cookies in a random manner. The center of the design contains the typography of the words cookies in a decorative form. Above the heading is the brand name. This pack is specially designed keeping the consumers in the mind and would never fail to attract cookie lovers.