LAO MO NONG – Packaging design of health food substitute meal powder

Concept focus, selling points sorting, logo design, series packaging design

Healthy nutrition natural transformation

Collect local specialties and focus on high-quality food materials;

Screening health preserving Chinese prescriptions, combined with cutting-edge scientific research;

Comprehensive proportion, healthy nutrition;

Delicious and full, natural transformation,

This is the core advantage of the old mill farmers.

The overall series packaging design is based on the visual graphics of butterflies composed of food materials,

On the premise of satisfying visual recognition cognition,

It not only ensures the integrity of the series, but also distinguishes the advantageous features of a single product,

Help its brand communication and product sales.

Creative director: Gao Peng   Designer: Gao Peng Zhou Yaqiong  Illustrator: Yuan Jing  He Changhong  Gao Peng   Effect presentation: Gao Peng