Cheese Seasoning Flavours

Pinata Digital

Ajnala approached us with an open mindset for their range of products which were designed keeping their love for illustration in mind. Their brief for this particular product was based on illustrative typography. Since they have a range of seasonings, they wanted to focus on wordplay, vibrant colours and simplistic elements.

We wanted to give the packaging an animated movie feel to it, when you see the product you should feel like it’s from one off the screen. We wanted to focus on the elements and vibrancy of colour more since that is an ideal reason for any customer to look twice at the product in a supermarket. We used this to our benefit to focus on the beauty of rustic yet real element usage that really brings the whole range together. Primarily we wanted to give each flavour a new colour but opted for the former as it will help one identify and build the brand’s range visibility.

Each packet is defined with its flavour agent in the typography like chilli, garlic, tomato, and smoke cheese shaped into the same. We kept the typo as fun as possible to attract a better feel to each item. Brand sometimes has font constraints that make the design far more rigid than it should, we wanted to make sure the idea of the product and the team that is behind it makes one feel as much open and realistic as possible.

A strong colour palette was something we talked about, a lot of the seasoning products are generally packed in a see-through packaging or extremely subtle use of colours they tend to make the feel of the product pleasant. But usage of this particular colour combination was a revelation in itself for us, we love how yellow, black and red can make the theme come together almost as beautiful as an animated movie using seasonings in them. Smaller elements like the cheese cubes, coriander, black pepper, chilies, curry leaves and many more opted for a slightly lower tone in colour usage so the main focus of the seasoning is not divided.

Seasonings in general are a kitchen favourite. They make everything taste delicious and give life to anything bland. We find these spice bundles across our kitchen cabinets in small portable jars. Their taste defines our food and choices chaat masala is preferably used on curds and salads but if a product has marked its taste with us we use it as a seasoning topper for almost all things be it fried potatoes, cut fruits, idli’s, curry and practically can be used on anything.

Let’s hope these tasty seasonings make their way to an animated movie near you.

we have done four varieties of cheese seasonings flavour Cheese garlic, cheese tomato, cheese chilli and smoke cheese. The taste of garlic reflects unique when it is pinched with cheese. It makes the dish more tempting and delicious. The flavour of garlic and cheese hits the dish more flavourful with the punch of garlic. Cheese & Tomato Seasoning has a Lip-smacking taste, is super convenient & cooks in minutes. The Cheese & Tomato Seasoning can be added to Makhanas (Gorgon Nuts), Popcorns, Chips, Fryums, and many more and likewise for cheese chilli and cheese smoke seasoning everything tastes better with cheese.

There is no such thing as a lot of cheese.