Our client Petrichory contacted us to develop a packaging design for Vermicompost for people who are into home gardening, terrace gardening, and gardening at a smaller scale. They do have a commercial-size package which has a basic packaging design but for home-based gardening enthusiasts, they wanted us to create an illustration-based packaging design that attracts everyone and can depict the happy emotions of Gardening with family and friends. In this packaging design, we have tried to depict a small farm scene with a beautiful sunny day and people enjoying the whole process.

Compost mainly refers to the end products formed by the biodegradation of organic matter. Vermicompost refers to the end product developed by the degradation of organic matter. Vermicomposting is environmentally friendly and is widely used in agriculture. These organic wastes contain organic carbon and plant nutrients in appreciable amounts.

Vermicomposting is an eco-friendly process, which can be used on farms to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit, and other commercial crops. It enhances the colour, flavour, smell, taste, and quality of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and foodgrains.

When you immerse yourself in gardening it becomes more than a hobby, it becomes a lifestyle. It starts with trying to grow food and eventually ends up adding color to your entire life—the way you think about food, how you cook dinner for your family, and the way you look at the world.

Gardening is our connection to the natural world, to beauty and creativity, and to ourselves. Our vegetable gardens have the potential to feed us on a soul-deep level. They can serve as the anchoring center point of a life full of rich, satisfying joys – often grown with our own two hands.

So, let’s think big about the importance of gardening in our lives and enjoy the process of nature.