Our client approached us to make a packaging design for their range of Peanut Butter. The clients want to target the mass audience and everyday consumers with this product in India. Hence the brief was to make a neat and simple commercial design and the display of peanut butter on bread toast was a specification of the brief given by the client as it is one of the most loved combinations with peanut butter, it also makes it a quick easy to grab and go kind of breakfast for everyone from the office going people to school going kids.

Ranging from textures to flavours peanut butter is a versatile and power-packed superfood that is highly recommended to be added to our daily diet (preferably breakfast). This genius ingredient is also one of the reasons why peanut noodles are also making news.

Peanut butter is truly a nutritional powerhouse, and it’s even better that it is actually a healthy food that tastes great as well. Eating just a few tablespoons of peanut butter day spread over whole grain toast or even just straight out of the jar can give you a large dose of protein and fiber.

For Danmore we have designed the packaging for four varieties of Peanut Butter – Crunchy peanut butter, Natural creamy peanut butter, creamy chocolate peanut butter and creamy peanut butter. Each of these varieties has a difference in texture, taste, and liking.

Peanut butter is often paired with jam (infamous PBnJ) a stable for college goers. Our personal favourite part about the design is the depiction – that adds to the brand’s value and also how a product is ideally used. We hope every customer finds incredible flavour and fun in every spoon as much as we had while designing the product.




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