Agency: Pinata Digital
Designer: Sumita
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Pushpkunj
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Incense Sticks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Box
Printing Process: Digital Printing

We got an opportunity to make packaging design for a brand that makes all natural, chemical free incense sticks from recycled temple flowers. In India there are a lot of temples and lakhs of devotees visit these temples on everyday basis, one such famous temple is the Mahakaleshwar Temple of the lord Shiva which is in Ujjain. In this temple lakhs of worshippers visit everyday to worship, pray and get the holy blessings of Lord Shiva. So the illustration idea is inspired from the real life observations of visiting a temple in India, when we walk the lanes of the famous temples you will always see the old famous sweet shops, flower sellers and street hawkers selling everything essential for temple offering like flowers, aarti plate, incense sticks, camphor etc. So we have depicted that same old town temple lane and a lady selling fresh flowers to be offered in the temple.

The product mainly has two fragrances which is Rose and marigold and Pure rose, the lady selling the flowers is selling rose and marigold and rose in respective packaging designs. It is great to see the flowers being put to good use and make all natural, chemical free products. An interesting thing about the brand is that all the flowers that are recycled are collected by Women and this gives a great employment opportunity to the locals. These projects are also supported by the Government as it helps reduce wastage and becomes the part of the Swach Bharat Abhiyan that is the clean India mission.

In India the lanes around the temples have a thriving business of flowers vendors, they are all true examples of devotions because the flower vendors are running their shops from generations and everyday very religiously they bring fresh flowers to be offered in the temples, they spend their entire life doing this business with a lot of devotion and smile. To honour these beautiful flower vendors we have depicted the flower vendor selling flowers outside the temple.

Incense sticks are a part of daily rituals in every Hindu house hold. In India most of the population start their day with the blessings of the god and incense sticks are an essential part of this daily ritual. The regular Incense sticks are all made with chemicals and emits carbon. The unique thing about this product is that it is completely made from recycled temple flowers which is all natural and safe. There is a great cut down on wastage of flowers and also helps to keep the temple premises and its surrounding clean. The design is the true depiction of an Indian temple street in an old part of the city with a lot of hustle bustle and devotion and the lady who is the true example of devotion selling fresh flowers everyday for almost all her life, its a magical connection.