Natulal Chakna snacks

Pinata Digital

Natulal is a new brand that aims to bring the best dry roasted snacks into the Indian Market, India is a very big country with people of different authenticities and demographics there is only one thing that is common across the country is the range of snacks and everyone has a different name to it, with different recipes but snacking is a big culture here, from the local markets to small tea shops you will see people taking quick breaks to have a hot cup of tea and some packet snacks or street food to along with it also the bars in India serve dry snacks mostly nuts with every round of order. Natulal wanted us to make designs for their nuts range with an Indian touch. So we did follow a very Indian pattern with colorful packaging design highlighting their tag line which is ” nuts ho to natulal jaisey ” which means ” if the nuts it has to be from Natulal ” also one interesting thing we have done in this packaging design is that we have put local names of cashew and peanuts around the border of this packaging respectively, so it relates to everyone having it.

In India Chakhna snacks is the most demanded and popular word for everyone having a beverage or alcohol. To the uninitiated, Chakhna refers to dry snacks commonly served in most (if not all) bars in India with alcohol. I am not quite sure how the term came about since chakhna in Hindi literally translates to ‘tasting’ but in any bar in India if you ask a waiter for chakhna he will instinctively get you 1–3 small bowls of different snacks (for free, mind you!). Maybe it’s meant to mean tasty snacks.

In India, every bar has its own take on chakhna but here are some of the usual suspects, Peanuts, Masala Peanuts, Boiled Peanuts, Boiled Masala Peanuts with sauteing onions (Yes, we do more than one kind of peanuts), Papad, Masala Papad (You have got to try this if you haven’t), Bhujia sev, Masala sev, Chakli, Mota chips, Farsaan, Aloo Bhujia, Potato chips, Moong Dal, Dal Mot, Chevda, Boiled Masala Chana, Cheeselings, Banana chips, Mathri, Bhakar wadi, Chana choor garam.

Peanut and Cashew in themselves are great snacks and since it’s dry roasted it is even healthy and great to satisfy small hunger breaks and also these snacks can be shared and become conversation starters, on long train journeys or flight journeys we Indians always carry some variety of easy snacks that can be shared and it works great as an ice breaker with the co-passengers. These two humble nuts have more than a hundred ways of serving as snacks with different recipes from every part of the city and from every bar. This packaging design for Natulal stands out and brings the premium snacking feel while still bringing out the emotions with the design.