Den Gamle Fabrik


A Rebrand for ‘Den Gamle Fabrik’ Jam-Packed With Craft and Heritage

How do you distil 188 years of brand history and make it relevant again? For the Danish jam producer, Den Gamle Fabrik, Scandinavian consumer branding agency EVERLAND helped with a rebrand that rejuvenates their rich heritage and emphasises their love for the craft.

If you ask any Dane to name a brand of jam, they’ll say Den Gamle Fabrik, known internationally as Danish Selection. Since 1834, it has been found in pantries, picnics and  pancakes consumed throughout the Scandinavian country.

How do you make devoted fans fall in love with the brand again and tell your story to a new audience? That was the mission faced by Orkla Foods, owner of Den Gamle Fabrik, and Scandinavian consumer branding agency EVERLAND.

“When a brand has been around for a long time, you have a lot of assets to build on. For the rebrand of Danish Selection, we revisited every single brand element. We kept some and tweaked others to make them all tell the same brand story of craft and heritage.”
Mikael Tonning, Design Director & Founding Partner at EVERLAND

History refreshed

To make young and old fall in love with Den Gamle Fabrik (again), we helped Orkla Foods define and design a new brand universe revolving around their heritage, craftsmanship and delicious berries and fresh fruits. When you look at the jar and taste the jam, you experience the result of centuries of hard work, and the weight of traditions passed down from one generation to the next.

“The typography on the label is inspired by the tiny shop where it all began. The letters build on a proud Danish typography history with its functionalistic design. Combined with the parchment-inspired label, it has a retro feel without becoming outdated.”
Mikael Tonning, Design Director & Founding Partner at EVERLAND

Besides telling the brand’s story, it is also crucial to highlight the quality that has made the product the icon it is today. Fruit illustrations were made for each flavour, giving it a tactile look and helping consumers find their favourite fruit jam on the shelves.

“We are overjoyed that EVERLAND managed to make us modern while still honouring our legacy. We are immensely proud of our history and feared what direction a new design might take us, but with EVRLAND we have a timeless, classy, and delicate look.”
Nya Calmer, Brand Manager at Orkla Foods