Perla Helsa is a Ukrainian dietary supplement brand. The company sources top-quality raw materials makes potent and pure supplements and implements progressive formulas to effectively market its products online.

The client came to us to create a holistic brand, a new visual identity and to develop guides for packaging and Instagram communication.

Research has shown that 90% of the brand’s clients are women, who buy products for themselves and their families. They are women of all ages and all life stages which makes for a very diverse audience.

Additionally, the most exciting insight about Perla Helsa’s woman is that she wants to be many things. We have decided to build a brand strategy around woman’s ability to be different. So we have sifted down to 5 archetypal female roles: an achiever, a lover, a nurturer, a mystic, and a wise. And then designed a brand that encourages woman’s freedom to choose their roles, her ability to transition smoothly between them, and her confidence to fulfill any role.

The brand idea was condensed into a tagline — Any day support for Women.

Our task was to create a holistic visual style for all Perla Helsa product lines and in the same time to convey the idea of the diverse roles modern woman takes on. Thus Perla Helsa became a multi-colored vibrant brand with a specific color palette tied to each archetype along with the fixed composition and typographic grid.


Brand Designer / Art-Director: Lera Shaposhnikova
Brand Strategist: Natasha Gubenko
Designer : Kristina Govorukha
Photographer: Akim Karpach
Perla Helsa