Hoppide! is a vegan multivitamin for kids. Its name means “jump over here”, suggesting the dynamicity, and liveliness of the brand. The mix of pastel and more saturated colors and rounded fonts used are all work together to underline the playfulness, kindness, and freshness of the brand. We use abstract shapes with wobbly lines, childish illustrations of fruits and four animals: a mamabear, a sneaky rabbit, a mindful bird and a calm, kind fox who despite their differences in size and liking form a great team, symbolizing the message of Hoppide! “we watch out for everyone, every child matters”. It is a socially sensitive brand, with the acquisition of 1 box the consumer is covering the weekly vitamin dose of a child living in poverty.

We wanted a package as sustainable as possible: the jar containing the vitamins is made of glass, the box is made of cardboard and has no glue, it folds easily and has a secondary function: the inside of the box holds a game. The two designs work on the same concept: one of the four animals of the brand is on it along with the scattered, dynamic fruits and the abstract shapes, the bigger shapes working as backgrounds for the different information on the box. On the inside, there is a labyrinth. The four animals need to reach the basket with the goodies, trying to pick up as many fruits on the way possible.