Vedic Living Immunity Boosting Superfoods

Vedic Living Foods

Recipes created thousands of years ago, for the people of today

One of the largest FMCG companies in India wanted to launch an immunity-boosting range of foods. Something that is based in the thousands of years old wisdom of Ayurveda while not appearing ‘old’ and ‘aged’ in terms of design. The brief was simple, the job was challenging. Capture the wisdom of Ayurveda, appeal to modern times. That’s when SpaceBar was invited to create the range.


We started the journey by creating the name ‘Vedic Living’. This new branding reflected the confluence of ancient wisdom with modern living. A conscious English branding was made to appeal to the urban audience craving to turn its back from fast foods and bottled vitamins to age-old wisdom that continues to talk sense.

Logo and Brand Architecture

The logo was given the most prominent central spot on the label. The font selected was to blend old font styles (seen in old English newspapers or signages) with modern minimal ones. The motif behind the logo was designed was inspired by age-old Indian art (alpana) often used around auspicious occasions. However, this was given a modern twist by using a tone-on-tone palette.

The product name with benefits came directly under this to simplify the offering and its key takeaways.

Finally, the colours chosen were from a vibrant pastel palette to step away from colours associated with times bygone in this space.

The result? A vivid range of immunity-boosting foods that appeal with their colours and clean messaging.