10 Packaging Design in Yellow

Derrick Lin


Hey, do you know what color can make any product pop and catch everyone’s eye? It’s yellow! Yellow is such a happy and sunny color, don’t you think? It makes me feel cheerful, hopeful, energetic, and creative. It also makes me curious and excited about what’s inside the package. Yellow is awesome for packaging design, because it makes your customers feel good and remember you better.

ASARAI by mousegraphics

mousegraphics focused on two basic design elements that would capture the essence of this unique brand – a bright yellow color and bold typography.

The use of yellow is bright and eye-catching, giving each product an unmistakable presence on store shelves. Meanwhile, the typography used on the containers is bold and imposing, with the full name of the brand dominating the all-yellow surface in linearity. Yet this isn’t simply an aesthetic choice; there’s also a deeper meaning behind it. Every time the top and bottom parts of the tube close together, they fit slightly differently – thus fragmenting, rearranging, and cutting up the letters of the brand name in a most playful manner.

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EICHHOF – REDESIGN by Pearlfisher

The label on the Eichhof can now prominently features the recreated word mark, perfectly matching the styling of the squirrel for a truly distinctive look. This design is repeated across the can, showcasing a pattern of squirrels in the same recognizable yellow hue that Eichhof fans know and love. This eye-catching visual nods to the brand’s proud heritage, highlighting details such as its founding year and name of its founder. It’s a beautiful combination of old and new that not only honours the tradition of Eichhof, but also propels it forward into a bright future.

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CUAC AOVE by Cabello x Mure

The packaging for CUAC AOVE also stands out from the rest: clean and clear with a hint of fun. The “Ducks Country Estate” design concept pays homage to childhood memories, making it perfect for any home cook who wants to take their cooking game to the next level.

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ABEEJA by Andrés Guerrero

The packaging reflects the producer’s vision of taking their product to the limit. The name Abeeja cleverly combines the words ‘bee’ and ‘abeja’, which means bee in Spanish. The label has a simple but ingenious design: it can fold out to reveal a pair of wings, creating the image of a bee. This makes the product stand out from the crowd and fly off the shelves. Literally.

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This vibrant yellow packaging doesn’t just make a statement, it disrupts the industry code of black, gold and silver. It’s a reminder to be bold, to be uplifting, and to embrace joy and creativity in all aspects of life.

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JIUJIUYA by Tiger Pan

JIUJIUYA is a modern interpretation of authentic Wuhan flavors. Tiger Pan took the traditional lo mei and added a twist – proprietary blend of spices, making it flavorful and spicy. Tiger Pan redesign emphasizes both the classic roots of JIUJIUYA as well as its modern flair with the strong yellow theme design, with a sleek and contemporary packaging design.

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The brand’s unique packaging design immediately speaks to customers in a friendly and calming tone. With the use of color, typography, and illustrations, each package is designed to deliver essential information at a glance. The bright sunshine yellow creates an instant sense of optimism that connects the products to a positive user experience. Meanwhile, the monolithic blue evokes a sense of scientific knowledge and assurance that the products are effective. With the help of the friendly “hair mentor” illustrations, customers can easily understand how to best use their preferred product.

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YELLOW SUBMARINE by Maksim Arbuzov

Yellow Submarine is an innovative eco-friendly packaging solution made to inspire children’s imaginations and create a sense of social responsibility from an early age. The package is designed in the shape of a yellow submarine, complete with a captain and seagull, so that kids can use it not just once or twice, but many, many times. It can be used both as a toy and as a refilling bottle for shampoo, teaching kids to respect the environment and take responsibility for their own waste.

Yellow Submarine is more than just an ordinary eco-friendly packaging option – it’s a chance to provide children with a fun and meaningful experience that will help shape their values and views towards sustainability.

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The HAPS HANDY BUGS package design is a creative and visually captivating presentation of the brand. The symbolic image of bugs that look like pliers capture attention and helps to communicate the idea of a reliable ‘handyman’ who can fix any problem. Meanwhile, the vibrant yellow and black color scheme brings continuity and cohesiveness to the various product components. By combining cutting-edge branding with inventive packaging design, the HAPS HANDY BUGS package serves as an eye-catching way to showcase the brand’s commitment to quality and reliability. With its unique and memorable visuals, the end result is a package that is sure to stand out on store shelves and create a lasting impression on potential customers.

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Nikita Gavrilov combines bright colors, adorable designs and innovative features that will instantly capture every child’s attention. Each product is crafted with premium materials for long-lasting quality and durability, so you can trust that Beaky will provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

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