Agrocomplex Vyselkovsky


«Agrocomplex» N.I. Tkachev since 1993 has gone from a small company to one of the largest agricultural holdings in the country. Every day, the dairy production of Agrocomplex processes 350 tons of milk from its own farms and produces more than 80 types of dairy products.


“Agrocomplex Vyselkovsky” has developed a unique line of products “Firm” for buyers of its own retail network. It presents exclusive novelties of dairy products, sausages and frozen semi-finished products.

The main tasks of design are highlighting a new sub-brand on the shelf, attracting the attention of consumers, conveying the distinctive advantages of products – a short shelf life.

As part of the design creation, it is necessary:

develop 1 concept; show different approaches to breeding “branded” and “standard” brand products; highlight the main advantage of the sub-brand; develop a convenient system of differentiation by SKU and between product lines.


It was important for us to keep, on the one hand, the existing identity, and on the other hand, to approach the design in a completely different way in order to distinguish the line from the rest of the products. The name “Firmennoe” emphasizes the quality and naturalness of the products, for which meat and milk from our own farms are used.

Especially for this line, a corporate pattern and a unique color scheme were developed. The whole composition is based on a large letter A with a spikelet woven into it as a reference to the parent brand and complementing the overall packaging architecture of all products in this line.

Delicious food zone with ingredients and a picture of a ready-made dish attracts the attention of the buyer and helps to create an emphasis on taste. Under the food zone are the characteristics of the product.

The design came out bright and noticeable, thanks to color differentiation it is easy to replicate even on your own to other products.

The new line is significantly different from the main one, and the design works great on both large and small surfaces such as a sticker.

Agrocomplex Vyselkovsky “Firmennoe” – the best offer on the shelf from a large Russian agricultural holding: the highest quality and the freshest products in your favorite categories.